Nelson Starr – Founder, 5 Starr Music Products

For beginning and professional players, sticky valves are a great annoyance. Sluggish valves stop everything.

After being frustrated with all of the other sub-par valve oils on the market, I set out to create the best lubricant for trumpets, trombones and all brass valve instruments. I can confidently say that with 5 Starr Valve Oil, you will not find a longer lasting oil to keep your valves running smooth.

Our products have over 20 years of intense scrutiny from myself and horn players all over the world. If you can find a better oil, I’d like to see it!

I stand behind every product I sell and I personally oversee every step of the process, from manufacturing to shipping, to bring you the finest products on the market today.

Call me today at 716-775-0722 to place your order. Everyone deserves the best.